Sustainability & Pollution Prevention

DSM has helped communities and businesses operate more sustainably to improve social responsibility, reduce environmental impacts and increase the bottom line.  DSM has also worked with state agencies and national and international organizations to analyze how policies can be adjusted to create sustainable solutions.  DSM’s work has included calculating greenhouse gas emissions reductions and assessing pollution prevention opportunities.  


DSM can evaluate municipal, industrial, and commercial operations to analyze their economic and technical performance and to identify options for reducing resource use and generation of solid waste.  DSM can also perform policy analysis at the local, regional, state, national or international level to help determine sustainable outcomes related to materials management.

This work includes:

·       Providing environmental performance benchmarks;

·       Quantifying potential impacts of proposed packaging, waste management, recycling or related resource recovery policies;

·       Quantifying greenhouse gas emissions resulting from waste management to help local, county and state governments incorporate cradle to grave carbon impacts from recycling, composting and resource recovery management programs;

·       Developing or providing third party review for environmental and corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports;

·       Leveraging existing resources or adding new systems to improve financial, environmental and social performance; and,

·       Quantifying and benchmarking greenhouse gas emissions throughout operations to set goals for reducing the facility or organization's carbon footprint.