Featured Projects for Sustainability & Pollution Prevention 

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Ocean Conservancy

Washington, DC

Ted Siegler was asked to serve on an International Working Group funded by the Ocean Conservancy and organized by the National Center for Ecological Assessment and Synthesis at the University of California, Santa Barbara to assess the magnitude of the discharge of plastic wastes to the marine environment and the potential ecological consequences of this discharge over time. The two year effort involved international waste management specialists, marine biologists and ecologists, marine scientists, toxicologists, and specialists in mapping ocean wide transport of materials.

Subsequent to the completion of the NCEAS project, DSM was contracted by the Ocean Conservancy to complete a detailed plastic supply chain analysis which could be used by the Ocean Conservancy in assessing where and how to intervene to reduce the discharge of waste plastics to the marine environment.


Natural Resources Defense Council

New York City, NY

New York City Recycling Cost Analysis

DSM was contracted by NRDC to conduct an independent evaluation of the cost of recycling in New York City. This included working closely with the Department of Sanitation to evaluate their $1.3 billion recycling and solid waste collection budget. The purpose of the evaluation was to have an independent firm specializing in economic analysis of solid waste management systems review the existing method of allocating collection and transfer costs to recycling and refuse as the City faced important and costly decisions about solid waste disposal and recycling in the future.  DSM’s analysis can be found at: 


As part of comparing the cost of waste disposal to the cost of recycling for New York City's 8 million residents, DSM applied the EPA WARM Model to quantify the GHG emission reductions resulting from NYC's materials recycling as opposed to disposal of these materials.

Utah DEQ, Pollution Prevention Program

Salt Lake City, Utah

Pollution Prevention Assessments and Demonstration Project: 

Printing, Vehicle Service, Furniture Manufacturing, Ski Resort and Marina

DSM Environmental Services was contracted by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality to undertake pollution prevention assessments for several industries under an EPA Region VIII grant. DSM conducted on-site assessments of four operations in the spring of 1998: a large offset printer; fleet vehicle garage; furniture manufacturer; and a four-season ski resort with a film and product distribution operation. A fifth assessment, a national park and marina, was completed in the summer and fall of 1998.

The assessments followed a process mapping approach in order to assess opportunities for pollution prevention and source reduction during each process. Opportunities for emissions reductions were sought for the printer and the fleet vehicle garage through reductions in solvent use and use of alternative low VOC solvents and a biologically active cleaner.

In addition, an assessment of the waste stream was performed for each operation to determine reuse and recycling opportunities for waste materials. This included work with a major furniture manufacturer and County economic development staff to identify beneficial uses of wood wastes from the manufacturing process that was being landfilled at the time.

Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO)

Columbus, Ohio

Climate Change Analysis

DSM was contracted by the Solid Waste Authority to analyze the potential costs and benefits associated with expanding residential and commercial recycling in Central Ohio, including the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the current and expanded recycling system for the residential and commercial sector. 

DSM collected data on current residential and commercial recycling rates, and estimated the potential to increase these rates based on DSM's experience working with other residential and commercial programs. DSM then used the US EPA WARM model and the Canadian WASTED model data to estimate air emission impacts, including carbon savings associated with recycling, and compared these benefits against estimated costs to implement the new recycling programs.

Vermont Small Business Development Center

Randolph Center, Vermont

Wood Products Industry and Marinas Environmental Management Assessments

Under an EPA grant to help Vermont's small businesses, DSM conducted comprehensive multi-media assessments of environmental management for the wood products industry and marinas on Lake Champlain. DSM conducted over 20 on-site assessments and developed recommendations for improved environmental performance, compliance and pollution prevention.

On-Line Learning Course for Conditionally Exempt Generators of Hazardous Waste

DSM was the project manager working closely with the Small Business Development Center, the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, and an IT technician to develop an interactive on-line learning course for small quantity generators of hazardous waste. Funded through a grant by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the course provides information and on-line quizzes by subject matter to lead the on-line learner to course completion and a certificate to incentivize learning about proper management of hazardous waste and waste reduction in the workplace or at institutions.

Vermont ANR Environmental Assistance Division

Waterbury, Vermont

Recognition Program for Sustainable Businesses 

DSM worked closely with the Environmental Assistance Division to develop a voluntary environmental recognition program and environmental performance standards for Vermont industry. The Vermont Business Environmental Partnership was then piloted by DSM in the auto repair and printing industry to help provide technical assistance to improve environmental management and to recognize some of the first high performers in the State. The Program was then used to develop the Green Hotels Program