Natalie Starr

Natalie Starr has spent over twenty five years in the solid waste, resource recovery and energy field. Natalie’s work has focused on improving the economics of solid waste management and recycling programs throughout the U.S., as well as in Central Europe, South Africa, and Argentina.

Natalie specializes in benchmarking and economic analysis of recycling systems, including urban and rural collection systems. She has been involved in analysis, design and contracting of recycling and refuse collection systems throughout the northeast focusing on increasing recovery rates and efficiency.

Ted Siegler

Ted Siegler is a Resource Economist with 40 years of solid waste management experience, working for the states of Maryland, Nevada and Vermont, and since 1987 as a Partner at DSM Environmental Services.

Over the past twenty-five years, Ted has specialized in waste characterization and recovery rate analyses, and improving the efficiency of recycling collection and processing systems in the United States. Ted has also worked in 14 countries around the world focusing on municipal finance, infrastructure improvement, and full cost accounting for solid waste management, and is currently involved in efforts to quantify the amount of land based plastic wastes entering the global marine environment.