Resource Recovery & Recycling

DSM has earned a national reputation as a leader in assisting government, institutions, and businesses with systems analyses and designs for improved recycling and solid waste management programs

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Collection System Modeling

Detailed analysis of refuse and recycling collection systems and design of collection system improvements.


Market analysis and development, C&D waste characterization, opportunity assessments and processing improvements.


RFP development, bid analysis, and contract negotiation/award for municipal collection, processing and disposal. Resource management contracting to increase materials recovery.

Composting Facilities

Development and permitting of residential, commercial, institutional and industrial composting systems.

Economic/Feasibility Analyses & Rate Design

Financial and economic analysis of collection, transfer, processing and disposal, including system cost analysis, variable rate pricing studies, and Pay-As-You-Throw rate design.

Integrated Solid Waste Management

Cost analysis and design of integrated solid waste management systems and programs, including waste prevention and reuse, composting, recycling, resource recovery and landfilling options.

Marine Debris and Litter Studies/Modeling

Analysis of litter stream and land based discharge potential to quantify marine debris and development of strategies for litter prevention and reduction.

Recycling Program Design

Municipal, regional, institutional and industrial recycling program design, cost analysis, contract development and implementation.

Solid Waste Planning

Plan development, updates, waste generation and landfill capacity assessments, public input solicitation, waste diversion planning, including zero waste planning.

Waste Characterization and Recovery Rate Studies

Design and implementation of waste characterization studies, capture and recovery rate analyses to determine waste composition and opportunities to increase recovery at the state and municipal level