Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Boston, Massachusetts

Development of Model Collection Contracts and Contracting Training

DSM completed a project with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to develop model contracts for improving recycling collection programs and recycling collection efficiency. The model contracts incorporated provisions from exemplary contracts throughout the United States. DSM researched collection programs and contracts in over 50 cities and municipalities across the country to determine which contract elements were most effective in lowering program costs and increasing recycling diversion.  The result was the creation of a comprehensive contract template for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection that could be used by municipalities to electronically create municipal specific collection and processing contracts based on the best elements of contracts from throughout the United States. 

DSM then conducted trainings for municipal officials throughout Massachusetts on contract preparation and management based on the contract template.  DSM repeated this training for municipal officials over the year, adding and modifying elements to address current contracting and collection issues in Massachusetts.

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Massachusetts Recycling Challenge

Boston, Massachusetts

DSM was contracted through a special grant fund to assist municipalities with improving or implementing Unit Based Pricing throughout Massachusetts. Working with the MA DEP Municipal Assistance Contractors DSM has been providing workshops for groups of municipal officials interested in improving or implementing UBP. The goal of the workshop is to address the barriers to implementing UBP, and spur municipal officials who might be considering implementation to take action to begin the process.

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Hartford, Connecticut

DSM entered into a two year contract in 2013 to work with municipalities throughout Connecticut on implementation of Unit Based Pricing. The contract first required that DSM conduct regional workshops for municipal officials on the benefits and barriers to implementation of Unit Based Pricing. The workshops included a full cost accounting spreadsheet model which municipal officials could use to calculate total costs and potential bag or cart fees associated with moving forward with Unit Based Pricing. Municipalities could then enter into an agreement with CT DEEP to fund additional time for DSM to conduct an assessment for the municipality, and then participate in public meetings designed to address the barriers to implementation and to educate residents on the benefits of Unit Based Pricing.

U.S. Agency for International Development, Local Government Initiative 

Sofia, Bulgaria

National Citizens Awareness Campaign for Local Action on Cleanup

DSM facilitiated the development of a national campaign for cleanup through grassroots and local government participation.  Working with local representatives and public relations officials, DSM collected information to design the campaign through running focus groups throughout the country.  Then using the information collected, DSM worked with the project team to design a citizen's awareness toolkit and delivery method that would be used by all Bulgarian municipalities to implement local education initiatives on litter reduction, value of municipal solid waste collection services and related cost of services, and public health and environmental benefits of proper waste management. 

The toolkit items included: manual on how to implement local citizen's awareness campaigns; television clip and three audio clips; four color campaign poster; campaign t-shirt, buttons and stickers; campaign flyers on public health benefits from improved solid waste management; mayoral proclamation to kick-off campaign; clean-up day announcements; a CD that contained electronic versions of all toolkit items; and fact sheets on collection service fee setting to improve fee tolerance. In addition, a web site was created to launch the campaign which occurred at the annual conference of Mayors.